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Jebao DCS/DCP Water Return Pump :: Reviews

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  • DC Pump 24V~36V Safetly
  • From 1800L to 15000L
  • Controller Feed Mode


2016 May 20 Aqualink T1 Controller Release~ Make for you DC Pump to WaveMaker now

2012 Nov Fish Street Distributor Jebao WP40
2013 May Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-25
2013 Oct Fish Street First Release Jebao Wp-60 Jebao Wp-10
2014 Feb Fish Street First Release for Jebao Twins controller
2014 May Interzoo Fish Street help jebao factory to First Release RW-4 RW-8 RW-15 Rw-20
2014 Oct First Release Jebao DP4
2015 Jan First Release Jebao DP2
Fish Street involves on the factory to help and develop much Jebao item. Follow us as the big replacement support center.  For replacement kits you can order with us which factory not supply 

13/1/2015 Memory Function add on all DCT Series  

1/1/2015 Release New Type of Jebao DCT4000/ DCT15000 Pump

17/12/2014 All DC Pump will free upgrade to DCT Series

2/8/2014 Australia Warehouse Start, Australia Warehouse to delivery to save shipping fee if you in Australia

23/4 US  Warehouse stock for DC12000. US Customer can order here to save shipping

28/3/2014 We are greatful to Promotion New Type of Hose(Separate Order) 3 Way Water Divider

24/3/2014 DC3000 Out Of Stock now. pre order take on before 15/4 send out

19/3/2014 Order DC6000/DC12000 Customer for USA / Canada /New Zealand / Australia Customer will got a FREE Upgrade send by UPS, 3 days arrived(Selection Hong Kong Warehouse Delivery, we will send by UPS, Not include Extend Remote Far Area by UPS)

 and in EU country, we also in stock on it. Please order in our UK warehouse if you are in EU country

2014/1/1 Our UK NJ Warehouse in stock for DC6000/DC12000, New shipping discount for US Warehouse !

03/11 Provides AU/EU/UK/US Plug, English Manual, only in FishStreetStore for Authorzied Distributor

The New Jebao DCT Return Pump is available for Fish Street Store Now!

EU / UK / US / AU Plug available FULL in stock now

From 110V to 240V Voltage, WorldWide Available!

What Difference for the Jebao DC Pump and DCT Pump  /DCS /DCP

DC Pump is produce on 2013. DCT Pump is produce on 2015.  

DCS is swirl impeller more silent produce on 2016, and DCP is 2017 produce make it a sine wave technology more silent on the controller

For the DCT Pump have a new technology move all electricity parts to controller. Make the DCT Pump more stable. High Power with the Pump not affection electricity issue. New ECO Technology using environment materials for build. Provides more safety and reduce the leak issue! 

High Recommend for DCT Pump Now !

New Controller Arrived in our website (Difficut in Youtube Video)

DCS3000 Controller from 1800Litres to 3000Litres Order Here

DCS4000 Controller from 2837Litres to 4000Litres Order Here

DCP5000 Controller from 3800Litres to 5000 Litres

DCS6000 Controller from 4200Litres to 6000Litres

DCP6500 Controller from 4500 Litres to 6500Litres

DCS7000 Controller from 5200Litres to 7000Litres

DCP8000 Controller from 5200 Litres to 8000Litres

DCP10000 Controller from 8200 Litres to 10000Litres

DCS12000 Controller from 8000Litres to 12000Litres

DCP15000 Controller from 9000Litres to 15000Litres

DCP18000 Controller from 11000Litres to 18000Litres

DCP20000 Controller from 14500Litres to 20000Litres

We Strongly Add for Our Backup Battery for your Jebao Pump! Please combine with our Battery with Wifi Controller if you want

DC Pump Backup UPS Battery Order here to extra for Order here Electricity down!


  • High performance motor with innovation electronics, and energy savig up to 50% than before.
  • Memory Function for Power Supply Off to recall memory
  • 10 Speed Mode controller for T Series
  • IC Electronic Detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water
  • Motor Protection if rotor is blocked
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Can operate in Marine and Fresh Water
  • No Copper components , safety on your tank!
  • With Wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft, longer operation life
  • 10 Mins Feed Model(Or Pause to resume to normal)
  • Internal Use Only! DC Pump do not suppose for External Use

Base on some of the customer query on the silent on the Pump. We need to mention any pump operation over 6000Litres have a sound on it. And different customer behaviours have different acceptable. Some think DC Pump is silent,some think it have a sound.(Example Pipe connection with plastic tube, vibration between the Glass and bottom, too thickness of the sump glass. Customer behaviours sound is not cover ont the warranty scheme 


New Jebao / Jecod  Series DC Pump

DCP15000 Include Removable Handle Mount

T Series 10 Speed Controller (From 50W to 150W)




Attention : Below is the Wifi Function (Extra Controller for DCS/DCT Pump)

We have a Aqualink T1 Package with DCS/DCT Pump, it can combine together to make a discount!



Different Between Jebao Controller with Mobile Aqualink Controller 

Aqualink Controller
Jebao DC Controller
ModeNormal / Nature / Reef Plus / Gyre / Mix / Wave Box /Reserve / Normal
Night Mode

Can Set  scheduler time to set night mode(1 to 100%). NO Electrical or Lighting affection

Make sure if too small flow below 50%, for your Sump Check valve will Function ~ 


Customer can set their own night outflow.


         Genius Night mode will not sudden drop the flow when reach on night time, it will auto 60second to count down to slow the flow or wake up 60 second to avoid scray of fish

No this Function

Feed Mode2 Feed Mode Function: Physical Feed mode button + 1mins to 999mins feed time. Schedule time Feed Time Function10 Mins Feed Time
Flow Rate1 to 120% Output (Digital Setting from 1 to 120%, more Accuacy) (Make sure for your Sump check valve will affection on the system operation 10 Speed Mode(Test 65% to 100%) Physical Button, cannot adjustable lower or accuacy flow rate
Stable & SilentStable IC chips to control, Protection of the pump without sudden damage, make the circuit more accuracy and stable, for skimmer operation will more accuracy with same water level. Silent Function of controller will drop more 10% sound compare with orginial controllerNo this function
OverClockMax can overclock to 120% (Depends on the machine physical element)No
WiFiYes . Mobile for Andriod / IOS, continuous upgrade for futureNo
TimerTimer can set as On/ Off(0%), to make the pump as timer function. Like continuous mode / healthy mode (see detail of the website photo) . Same like Apex controller functionNo
CustomUser can set on the pump operation on which mode during schedule timeNo
Control PumpMax can control 3 Pump (A B C), idea to create with schedule time to generation mix different flowMax 2 Pump only on the same time
Cleaing FunctionReserve Impeller to reduce Sand / Stone on your return PumpYes



Want Overclock for your Pump?

For the default controller operation 100%, we can overclock to 120%. Under our Controller the default DCT/DCS3000/ 4000/6000/5000/7000/8000/12000/15000 more 20% Output!  (Depends on the pump factory design, Fish Street will not response for factory change any physical materials on the pump, we based on the existing pump to increase the speed only)

Want WiFi for you DC Pump / Wave Maker Pump ?

Want Schedule with your Pump in Night?

(Example my tank is big, need 2 unit of the Pump, but I want Pump A 30% on Night in 1:00AM to 5:00AM, and 20% on B Pump on 5:01AM to 7:00AM). It's make my coral and fish sleep well

Want to Schedule on your feed time?
The default RW controller just 10mins, for some frozen food  require more time on feeding
For Zeovit  / some of the coral element need more than 10mins on cell division to reduce skimming.  You can now using Feed time to set

For skimmer default 10 mins is not enough when you wash or change water, it will make overflow when it skimmer work again after the feed mode

Feed Time up to 1Mins to 999Mins

Want Mini for your Pump Flow?

For our controller is digital type, it can make for your pump mini 1% change on it ~ Example for control the DC2000 Pump from 100Litres to 2000Litres.

For default Controller which cannot mini for small digital change(Default is 1200Litres to 2000Litres for default controller) We can make the system from 100Litres to 2000Litres. More accuracy like connection with chiller pump using

Want Stable for your Pump?

For the Default controller the IC will affection of the water flow on the venture part. It;s frequency not keep consistency on the Pump Water Level(Skimmer / Flow Rate ) 

Using our New Technology Controller can make for your Pump keep stable consistance 

Want Silent More for your Pump?
Our controller which using the latest technology design, it can reduce a lot of vibration of the Pump. Silent More than default controller * (Sound will depends on the human behaviours, to be compare with existing controller, it is more silent)

Genius Night Mode

Our Night Mode which based on your setting on the schedue time, it will not happen any sensor not working.  When Night mode is On, it will not sudden drop the flow rate from Half. Its will based on your setting , 1 mins to drop down to preset flow rate. Its more nature and humanize

Battery Backup

The Aqualink WiFi controller which can work together with Battery Mode for CoralBox Battery for Jebao. If for your electricity is down, it will auto work with our Battery together(Need to buy and operation half output for emergency mode)

Want Different Mode of WaveMaker / DC Pump?

Normal  / Gyre / Mix  / Reef / Nature / Clockwise Mode

OverClock Mode on your skimmer

How to Install the Lifetime and prevent Vibration of the Jebao DC Pump

It's our suggestion using some Bio Filter add on the DC Pump, can reduce prevent any Stone or sand into impeller. The Bio filter is solve can reduce the sound of the vibration between Jebao DC Pump with Glass. You can order some media in here




Customer Demo Video



YouTube Video


YouTube Video 10000L


Latest 3 Way Water Divider! (Not Include on the Order any hose! Only can work for DC12000! Beware on it) If you require order in here:


 Easy to Handle the Pump connection? Order our PVC drain Pipe connection tube here

Battery CoralBox PowerCell for backup Jebao Pump / DC Pump
  • Backup For your Jebao Pump / DC Pump / Any type of 12 24V DC Pump
  • Operation for 48 Hours 
  • Avoid Coral or Fish Death
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mirko Guest on 1 Aug 2019, 8:47 PM
tutto ok
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Dale Guest on 29 Apr 2019, 12:54 AM
Excellent unit
The pump is better than I imagined. So quiet I can not hear it run. It is set up in a 90 gallon sump servicing a 400 gallon tank with two 2" returns. I don't run it over 80 and everything in the tank is moving.I would buy again without hesitation.
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Gorjan Guest on 9 Apr 2019, 11:24 AM
Jebao DCP8000
Super price,
Fast shipping, 2 weeks to Macedonia, stuck for a month at the local post office
Dead silent! I can hear the water in the pipes but no sound from the pump itself.
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Rogerio Guest on 9 Mar 2019, 1:18 AM
Excelente equipamento! Muito potente e totalmente silenciosa.
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leonardo Guest on 7 Nov 2018, 1:27 PM
livraison trés rapide pompe fonctionne parfaitement
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Ktown Reefer Guest on 23 Oct 2018, 5:25 AM
Good product quite and efficient
This pump is controllable and very quiet. Best bang for your buck. I did a review on my YouTube channel Ktown Reefer if you want to check it out.
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Ronny on 18 Aug 2018, 9:19 AM
very good
good price performance ratio.
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Mat Guest on 15 Jul 2018, 4:36 AM
Impressive unit
Great flow easy setup
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jim Guest on 2 Jul 2018, 9:11 PM
Great pump
I have bought more than one of these. They work well, are very quiet, and seem to last a couple of years with 24/7 use. All at a reasonable price.
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Guest on 4 Apr 2018, 12:59 PM
Dcp 20000 awesome pump!
Cheap, very strong and silent. Fantastic pump.
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