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Reef Bugs
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REEF BUGSâ?¢ is real reef or marine â??snowâ? which is an aggregate of LIVING MICROBES clinging to organic, inorganic, volcanic, mineral, living or recently dead matter. It provides a significant amount of reef nutrition for hard and soft corals, filter feeders and cryptic organisms that are in live rock.

Reef Bugsâ?¢ yields particle sizes down to less than a micron and up to macroscopic particles. The individual living organisms are microscopic. They cannot be viewed with typical microscopes. These microbial aggregates, primarily bacterial, and fungal (yeasts, lichens and related organisms) provide 30% or more of the planktonic matter raining down on the reef. They adhere to the coral mucus where the corals retain them and "farm" them for their own use on their mucus layer. A section of natural coral reef comprising the volume of a one hundred gallon aquarium, has about three quarters of a pound of Reef Bugs - type bio -aggregates raining down upon it in a day. 

True reef / marine snow is alive and repeatedly innoculates the reef with desirable edible organisms and those which are necessary for balancing the substrate and the creatures colonizing it. Reef Bugsâ?¢ is a unique product having these characteristics.


  • Live and Reef Bugs for your live coral feed
  • Increase the organisms that are in live rock
  • Fast Growth and healty with your reef and fish (Especially for SPS)
  • No need to turn off skimmer, directly use in tank~  Reef Bugs and healthy frequency use


  • 86grams
  • Made in USA