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Co2 Drop Checker WG02

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Weight: 0.15 kg


  • Co2 Tester is designed to indicate the CO2 amount diluted within the water with color change of the reagent inside, in order to understand the proper amount of CO2 supply.
  • Can Long Term used
  • Prevent the CO2 become too high make the aquarium live danger
  • Easily judge the proper CO2 supply by the color of reagent with color test card.


  • Color Test Card
  • Co2 Reagent Bottle

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great product
Recommended for the price and what you get!
dgin2011 (Guest)
î÷åíü äîâîëåí!
î÷åíü äîâîëåí!
sailor247 (Guest)
very good product
it is a very good product!!!
wagz (Guest)
Does the job just fine
Does what it needs to. Make sure you move the checker around in your tank to get readings from different areas as some spots in tank don't get as much circulation
Joseph (Guest)
I was a little worried but I have a great experience and the product worked just like it is suppose to. I know it can be scary ordering overseas but don't worry with this company

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Co2 Drop Checker WG02
You Save$3.00 (35%)