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AS Tuna Blue Clone Matrix LED Lighting :: Вiдгуки

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The new Satellite Series LED features COB LED with multichip and the ability to switch between spectrums – plus high transmission levels glass optics to ensure minimal light loss.

 A specially blended color with 380nm UV, 420nm Purple, 4540nm Blue, 460nm Blue, 14K Crisp White in a 2-channels COB LED

 LED optics made from glass

 UV Chips

 Advanced cooling system

Default LED Button which can adjust the Dimming Power and Color 

Advance Controller Optional Order * (1 Controller can Connected One by One LED) If you order 3 LED , it can using 1 controller to operation 3 LED with Timer Function


  • Dimensions: 120 x 105mm ( Length x Diameter)
  • Coverage: 60 x 60cm
  • Power Supply: 24V 3A
  • Power Consumption: 68W
  • Timer Controller Not include * (Need Extra pay)

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