The provided information about price, description, specification and pictures regarding our shop products can be changed at any time and without any notice to our customers. This depends on a continual changing market. Product prices on accepted orders, of course, never changed.  


Best price guarantee:

Our products are sold in our best price guarantee. If you found our products by one of our competitor cheaper then by us we beat this price for sure. (Only new products, same manufacture, etc. will be supported by our price guarantee) Please, place us a contact email with the link of the found product inside. We come back to you with our beat-offer what will surprise you.

Fish Street Store are Based in Hong Kong. We also setup UK/US/EU Warehouse, our UK/EU Delivery no need to pay any VAT Tax and fast shipping

How Can Delivery from UK / US Warehouse shipping?

1) Selection a Item

2) Click the "CheckOut" Button

3) You can custom Invoice for the Lower for Custom if you want

3) Now you can selection the Shipping Warehouse as you want

If you have any problem, please Contact Us



Delivery Method

Shipping Company
Delivery Time
United Kingdom EU Warehouse - DPD Logistics 2 - 5 Days

Our Warehouse is in Longdom and harmburg

Which Delivery in EU (No Tax)

United Kingdom Royal Mail First Class 4 - 6 Days
France (Below 2KG) Chronopost 4-6 Days
Germany (Below 2KG) UK Royal Mail or DHL Packet 4-6 Days
WorldWide Hong Kong Air Mail 5- 16Days (Depends On country)

Shipping information:

We are proud to announce you that we deliver to any part in world. Customers from USA, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America or Europe are very welcome. We try to fulfil all special requests from these areas to become pleased customers.


Be aware that we can not clarify your local requirements regarding deliveries out of Hong Kong.
We declare all our packages in the right way as
Aquarium Parts
There may be additional effort and cost by your local administration.
We can not prevent you from such a tamper proof.


If it runs in a normal way your delivery reach you faultlessly without any disturbance.
Most countries accept our delivery as it is, as a global trade without big business impact.
There is no feedback regarding our deliveries that it yields any negative administration intervention.
The only feedback what has reached us is that the administration will collect something from our customers. If you are not sure ask first your local administration about delivery from Hong Kong before you place your order in our shop.


Shipping costs:
All orders will be proceed by UPS or Hong Kong Post (Airmail). 
This approach grants a standard delivery path with reliable delivery times and known achievements to our customers.


UPS is normally used when the weight is above 9 kg, among 9 kg Hong Kong Post is the better choice.


Under special conditions we can also deliver via other shipping systems. This must be clarified via email â??beforeâ? you place your order so that we can find the best way for you and can give you a notice what costs appear.  For that, notice you what you want to order so that we have an impression of your order. From our experience, the way via UPS / Hong Kong Post is the best way to send our products round the world.


Because of product upgrades, different way points, shipping locations, dimension or weight of some items it is possible that the shopping card can calculate the correct shipping prices. In such a circumstance we contact you prior we process the order. If there is a miscalculated shipping price you can decide if we fill the order or not.


Because of permanent changing the regulations for sending neon or fluorescent lamps and bulbs these products are often miscalculated within the shipping fee. Many deliveries regarding these products need additional charge. We are sorry for the trouble here. In this case we inform you as well about the new shipping fee before we fill the order. Our competitors raise the cost for sending out such articles so that it fits regardless the special requirements. Because we check the cost before we deliver such products to you we can submit you also the best price for this shipping, but this will prevent us for calculate it fully automatic.



Delivery remarks:

If you choose our preferred delivery system UPS we send you tracking information whereby you can look online where your package is.


We are able to announce you an assured delivery via UPS. If you need this place us an email via our contact forms so that we can add the assurance cost to your invoice. We take then care that the delivery is complete affirmed in the right amount. Assurance needs you interactivity!

It is possible that there is a stock shortage that is not known to the shopping card.
Regardless the stock information any product can be ordered.


If there is a shortage on an item in your order we make a partial delivery to you and a subsequent delivery after the product arrives in our stock. This subsequent delivery is shipped to you without additional costs for you. If you will order a product what is not in stock please ask us how long the delivery time is before you order the product. Do this in a short email to our contact form. This will prevent you of unwilling shipment times.


If the items are in stock we send out usually within 24 ours after your order arrives.

Deliveries to complete new customers can take 3 weekdays more because we must verify the payment first.

Orders that we proceed to Canada, Italy or Brazil can only be shipped by assured delivering. This will produce additional costs to the delivery. We inform you before we fill the order.


Delivery times:


Shipping to USA takes normally 12 days


Shipping to Europe except Italy takes normally 12 days


Shipping to Italy takes minimum 18 days


Shipping to South America / Brazil takes round 18 days


All other locations round 25 days


Our fast experiences:

Germany/Denmark/New Zealand within only 5 Days

Australia within only 4 Days

Finland/Sweden/France/USA within the short time of 6 Days

Spain and other EU can arrive in 8 Days 


We have no information about local holidays, high days or moveable feasts. Not in your country and not on the way to you. This may have impact to the delivery time we are sorry for.


Because we can not check the customerâ??s information it can take 1 month and more before the delivery reach you. If your local shipper can not find you it takes time. Please, take care for you â??exactâ? delivery informationâ??s within your order.


Delivery options:

Under special circumstances we can also deliver via Slow Shipment what means normally the way via Sea shipping. Such a delivery takes round 1 to 3 month before it arrives to you. But it may be reduce the costs for the shipping if your delivery is heavier then 40-to 50 kg. Regular the shipping fee is 30 % less than the shipping via Hong Kong Post. We recommend assured delivery what will produce extra costs.


This way is only suggested when you place a centralised buying or big resale deliveries. All other orders are better paced via our standard delivery. Within UPS it is fast, secure and inexpensive.


Some prerequisites must be fulfilled before we can use the Slow Shipping.

All payments must be made by official bank transfer

The Shipping order can be placed first 8 days after the bank transfer is verified by our Bank.

If you want the slow Shipping contact us in forefront so that we can offer you this cheap way in a right manner.