Wave Maker Accessiores
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Wave Maker Accessiores
Sunsun Cups Base
Price$4.28excl. TAX
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Sunsun Cups replacement

Sunsun Magnet Base
Price$21.40excl. TAX
Sale$9.63excl. TAX
You Save$11.77 (55%)
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Sunsun Magnet replacement

Sunsun Titanium Shaft Rotor - 2010 Version
Price$2.14excl. TAX
Sale$1.98excl. TAX
You Save$0.16 (7%)
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  • For sunsun JVP102 Pump only
  • Titanium impeller
Sunsun 360 Rotational Pipe
Price$4.82excl. TAX
Sale$3.21excl. TAX
You Save$1.61 (33%)
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  • Sunsun Water Flow Pipe
  • Adjustable for Flow output
Resun Wave Maker 15000A Replacement Pump
Price$32.10excl. TAX
Sale$29.96excl. TAX
You Save$2.14 (7%)
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  • Replacement Pump for Resun 15000A
Battery CoralBox PowerCell for backup Jebao Pump / DC Pump
Price$0.00excl. TAX
Average Rating4.8(15)
  • Backup For your Jebao Pump / DC Pump / Any type of 12 24V DC Pump
  • Operation for 48 Hours 
  • Avoid Coral or Fish Death
12V to 24V Power Supply for Jebao RW / FS / WP-60 /WP-40  /WP-25 /wp10 /Replacement Pump
Price$32.10excl. TAX
Sale$26.75excl. TAX
You Save$5.35 (17%)
Average Rating4.64(11)

Single Pump for 12 24V Power Supply

Want future upgrade for 15V 24V Power supply

CoralBox PowerCell Battery V2 Replacement Battery
Price$80.00excl. TAX
Sale$72.00excl. TAX
You Save$8.00 (10%)
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