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AQLink T1 WiFi Jebao / Maxspect Controller :: Reviews

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  • Control Jebao DCS/ DCT 
  • CP25 / CP40
  • Maxspect Gyre Pump
  • Wifi Mobile controller
2018 April

New Release T1 for 2.0 Version, it can join the router STA method and increase more pump operation

2016 Sept

We continous Upgrade of the T1 Function (Version1.3)


Feed Mode can schedule 3 time per day
Hardware Feed Mode press 1 time 10 mins
Hardware Feed Mode Double press 2 time 20 mins
Hardware Feed Mode Double press 3 time 30 mins

It;s can allow for customer 1 days to schedule 3 time for feeding their tank
And hardware feed mode provides more faster to config hardware directly to longer exchange water up to 30 mins on feed mode press

OverClock Setting (Only for Version 1.3) 5 to 10%
On the User Define Manual, add "01092D042B108B162A69D7EF0F" it will increase the Flow to OverClock

2016 July ~ Latest Update with the Firmware with Big Free Upgrade~  Increase Motor can ClockWise or Reserve Function , Add Silent Function + Sink Technology with Pump + Save Energy Operation Since Jebao Pump is change a Version A  or Version B.  It;s will reserve for the pump operation .  Only Fish Street can provides the latest news from Jebao ! (For Feb to May customer which order is no need to upgrade since it is A version for Pump)

CoralBox which develop a First WiFI DCT/DCS/DCP/Crossflow/QP /OW Pump. Its a REAL WiFI n Make for your DCT /DCS Return become wavemaker Mobile Phone.  CoralBox Lead the Aquarium Pump Market to WiFI now on Jebao Pump.  No more controller with your pump now.

If you are doing a wholesale, we can doing for your own apps and controller with your LOGO(OEM), please contact us

Attention before Order: 
For Setting Jebao Pump can work for 65% to 120%. If you set below 20% , for Jebao pump will based on the water resistance not rotational. Customer need increase to 20% above flow rate to based on the water resistance make the pump not rotational

Maxspect Version Gyre work for XF150 this moment (For Asia / Europe 220V to 240V only). XF150 (110V USA / Canada not Suitable on this moment) 

Our AQLink can work with Both IOS and Andriod system

AQLink controller with apps is not refundable item(Only refundable on the item damage physical panel or shipping damage.  
For the apps is continuous to change to fulfill customer need. Please contact us which function for you want!

Order 2 Unit of the Package will Auto Got 10% Discount ~ Selection 2 Unit will Auto Apply on the System



Different Between Jebao Controller with Mobile AQLink Controller

Aqua-link Controller
Jebao DC Controller
ModeNormal / Nature / Reef Plus / Gyre / Mix / Wave Box Normal
Night Mode

Can Set  scheduler time to set night mode(1 to 100%). NO Electrical or Lighting affection


Customer can set their own night outflow.


         Genius Night mode will not sudden drop the flow when reach on night time, it will auto 60second to count down to slow the flow or wake up 60 second to avoid scray of fish

No this Function

Feed Mode 2 Feed Mode Function: Physical Feed mode button + 1mins to 999mins feed time. Schedule time Feed Time Function10 Mins Feed Time
Flow Rate1 to 120% Output (Digital Setting from 1 to 120%, more Accuacy)10 Speed Mode(Test 65% to 100%) Physical Button, cannot adjustable lower or accuacy flow rate
Stable & SilentStable IC chips to control, Protection of the pump without sudden damage, make the cirucult more accuacy and stable, for skimmer operation will more accuacy with same water level. Silent Function of controller will drop more 10% sound compare with orginial controllerNo this function
OverClockMax can overclock to 120% (Depends on the machine physical element) No
WiFiYes . Mobile for Andriod / IOS, continous upgrade for future No
TimerTimer can set as On/ Off(0%), to make the pump as timer function. Like continous mode / healthy mode (see detail of the website photo) . Same like Apex controller functionNo
CustomUser can set on the pump operation on which mode during schedule timeNo
Control PumpMax can control 3 Pump (A B C), idea to create with schedule time to generation mix different flowMax 2 Pump only on the same time
Cleaing Function Reserve Impeller to reduce Sand / Stone on your return Pump Yes


Want Overclock for your Pump?

For the default controller operation 100%, we can overclock to 120%. Under our Controller the default DCT/DCS3000/ 4000/6000/5000/7000/8000/12000/15000 more 20% Output!  (Depends on the pump factory design, Fish Street will not response for factory change any physical materials on the pump, we based on the existing pump to increase the speed only)

Want WiFi for you DC Pump / Wave Maker Pump ?

Want Schedule with your Pump in Night?

(Example my tank is big, need 2 unit of the Pump, but I want Pump A 30% on Night in 1:00AM to 5:00AM, and 20% on B Pump on 5:01AM to 7:00AM). It's make my coral and fish sleep well

Want to Schedule on your feed time?
The default RW controller just 10mins, for some frozen food  require more time on feeding
For Zeovit  / some of the coral element need more than 10mins on cell division to reduce skimming.  You can now using Feed time to set

For skimmer default 10 mins is not enough when you wash or change water, it will make overflow when it skimmer work again after the feed mode

Feed Time up to 1Mins to 999Mins

Want Mini for your Pump Flow?

For our controller is digital type, it can make for your pump mini 1% change on it ~ Example for control the DC2000 Pump from 100Litres to 2000Litres.

For default Controller which cannot mini for small digital change(Default is 1200Litres to 2000Litres for default controller) We can make the system from 100Litres to 2000Litres. More accuracy like connection with chiller pump using

Want Stable for your Pump?

For the Default controller the IC will affection of the water flow on the venture part. It;s frequency not keep consistency on the Pump Water Level(Skimmer / Flow Rate ) 

Using our New Technology Controller can make for your Pump keep stable consistance 

Want Silent More for your Pump?
Our controller which using the latest technology design, it can reduce a lot of vibration of the Pump. Silent More than default controller * (Sound will depends on the human behaviours, to be compare with existing controller, it is more silent)

Genius Night Mode

Our Night Mode which based on your setting on the schedue time, it will not happen any sensor not working.  When Night mode is On, it will not sudden drop the flow rate from Half. Its will based on your setting , 1 mins to drop down to preset flow rate. Its more nature and humanize

Battery Backup

The Aqua-link WiFi controller which can work together with Battery Mode for CoralBox Battery for Jebao. If for your electricity is down, it will auto work with our Battery together(Need to buy and operation half output for emergency mode)

DC series is on 2014 year product
DCT is on 2015 Year Product for add the electricity to controller  
DCS which is on 2017 year release for silent more
DCA which is 2018 year release for add a sensor function.

The AQlin T1 Controller suitable for: 

Want Different Mode of WaveMaker / DC Pump?

Normal  / Gyre / Mix  / Reef / Nature / Crossflow + / Clockwise 7 type of Flow Rate

OverClock Mode on your skimmer

Continuous Function Under Schedule

For the Scheduler , Each Pump have 24 Timer to set on the working Time
Example you can set for the Pump A Work for 60Mins and OFF
And then Pump B Work for 20Mins and OFF
And then Pump C Work for 90 Mins and back to Pump A

Loops on it. Each Pump have 24 time to setup, If you have 3 Unit of the Pump, that mean you can set for 24time x 3 = 72 times a Day

Our health mode can make the the Pump Loop On / Off for every 60mins + 
Example Fish require a rest time for recover in night. Or Some illness fish state on some rock / sand for recovery
If Off one of the Pump, it can keep for the fish alive again, the customer preset Off time 

Pump A operation 60 Mins, and B stop for 20min and then Pump A start Again to Loop 

Andriod Apps / IOS

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Svetlana on 23 Feb 2019, 1:18 AM
Отличный контроллер
Отличный контроллер. Лучше стандартного. Ни одного глюка.
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Mike Guest on 22 Dec 2018, 1:04 AM
Great product as always quick delivery
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Mike on 23 Aug 2018, 12:12 PM
Great product
Controler works great
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Mark Guest on 30 Dec 2016, 2:21 PM
Excellent piece of kit
Well made simple to use and does everything it claims pump seems to run quieter too
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Paul on 21 Jul 2016, 1:13 AM
works nice and easy on my maxpect gyre 150 instal easy power on and go. app works good on Samsung it needs only a reset when i make
much diferend settings in chort time.
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Paul on 29 Jun 2016, 12:23 AM
looking good
using puls mode now

i like to see another mode :
combi from continue and pulse together
like a continue 40% with pulse to 80% for xx time with a intervall of xx time
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konstantin on 4 Jun 2016, 1:30 PM
Very good product
Good product.
I am very happy purchase.
Now I can do work schedule pump CP40 on the clock, it is very convenient.
I recommended to all my friends and recommend you.
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alvaro Guest on 19 Apr 2019, 2:52 PM
tengo una bomba DCP 15.000 . este controlador t1 funcionara correctamente?
Hi, DCP15000 cannot connect with AQLINK t1/a1/s1, their cables are different, we recommend you to use Coral Box DCA12000, it can work with AQlink T1.
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