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Aquarium Fish Sponge Filter (S) :: Reviews

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  • Supplying the water with much needed oxygen.
  • It reduces noise from air pump and consumes lowest wattage.
  • Most fit to external or top filter as prefitration unit.
  • No deads spots in cylinder foam offers increased filration.
  • Easy maintainence is made by nodular design of foam Cartridge system.
  • Various types of installations are possible.
  • Size 10cm x 6cm x 6cm


  • With a airlift system,super biochemical sponge filter features silent operation,and has an excellent filtering effect while oxyagenating the water.
  • The soecialldevelloped foam materials supports the colonization of bacteria.
  • Allowing formechanical filtration in addition to biological filtration, which will break downharmful waste, ammonia and nitrite material, resulting in a cleaner livingenvironment for your fish, particular they are useful for as breeding filter oras secondary filter.
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khai lam Guest on 18 Jun 2009, 1:01 PM
Very Good
I used this filter as a pre-filter. The filter tube will connect to an aquaclear 50 with no problems at all. It prevents my shrimp from being suck in and it filters quite well.
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Aquarium Fish Sponge Filter (S)
Price$3.38excl. TAX
Sale$3.04excl. TAX
You Save$0.34 (10%)