Filters are used to process waste and impurities to maintain pristine water quality and keep your tank inhabitants healthy. There are numerous filter types, each a little different and used in different applications.
Some of the most popular filters include the Canister Filters and Hang on the Tank Power Filters. These filters are suitable for freshwater, saltwater and reptile/amphibian set ups.

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Special Filter
Coral Box External PR80 Biopellets Carbon Reactor Filter
Cena$82.93excl. TAX
Sale$72.23excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$10.70 (13%)
Statystyczne oceny5(3)
  • External Reactor 
  • For Biopellets Zeolite Carbon GFO
Coral Box BR60 Rim Bracket Reactor
Cena$50.83excl. TAX
Sale$30.00excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$20.83 (41%)
Statystyczne oceny4.75(8)
  • Bracket Mount hold on the Tank
  • All in one design, small flow rate
Coral Box Portable 125Gallons 3Stage RO Reverse Osmosis System
Cena$107.00excl. TAX
Sale$85.60excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$21.40 (20%)
Statystyczne oceny4.56(9)
  • 3 Stage System
  • 125 Gallons for Fast Output Water
  • Portable to Change Area or remove 
  • All in One Design, no need connection

NP BioPellets Filter Media
Cena$26.75excl. TAX
Sale$24.08excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$2.67 (10%)
Statystyczne oceny4.82(11)
  • Nitrate and Phospate Reduction
Mini Filter X BioPellets Reactor 50X
Cena$48.69excl. TAX
Sale$37.98excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$10.71 (22%)
Statystyczne oceny4.72(18)
  • Most Nano Size
  • Upper Cover make biopellets easy to roatation
Mini Filter 150 BioPellets Reactor
Cena$152.48excl. TAX
Sale$131.08excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$21.40 (14%)
Statystyczne oceny4.86(7)
  • Up to 2.5Litres
  • Control Valve to adjustable Water Output
Mini Filter 70-X BioPellets Reactor
Cena$60.46excl. TAX
Sale$56.18excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$4.28 (7%)
Statystyczne oceny4.69(26)
Coral Box Mini Filter 80X BioPellets Reactor
Cena$80.25excl. TAX
Sale$69.55excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$10.70 (13%)
Statystyczne oceny5(7)
Accessories Parts:
  • 110V to 240V voltage
  • For Max 1.3 Litres BioPellets
Marco Aqua Biopellet Reactor NP-200 External
Cena$128.40excl. TAX
Sale$96.30excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$32.10 (25%)
Statystyczne ocenyOceń produkt!(0)
  • External BioPellet Reactor
ATS Algae Turf Scrubber Filter System
Cena$0.00excl. TAX
Statystyczne ocenyOceń produkt!(0)
  • Nano ATS System
  • Easy to Operation
Easy Brine Shrimp Incubator A001
Cena$26.75excl. TAX
Sale$18.73excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$8.02 (30%)
Statystyczne ocenyOceń produkt!(0)
  • Shrimp Breeder Producer 
Fish Street Zeolite Reactor Z1
Cena$107.00excl. TAX
Sale$96.30excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$10.70 (10%)
Statystyczne ocenyOceń produkt!(0)
  • Big Zeolite for 500Litres or Below
  • For 1Litres zeolite rock
FSZ Zeolite Magnet Floating Reactor
Cena$0.00excl. TAX
Statystyczne oceny4.81(31)
  • Zeovit Reactor like KZ Reactor
  • Magnet Floating Base
  • Provides 2 Different size for Storage
Hang On ATS Algae Turf Scrubber ATS80
Cena$139.10excl. TAX
Sale$117.70excl. TAX
Oszczędzasz$21.40 (15%)
Statystyczne oceny5(1)
Hang On LED ATS system