LED Lighting
LED Lighting
 Maxspect LED Aquarium Lighting (220V-240V)
Price$0.00excl. TAX
Average Rating4.55(20)

Maxspect LED Lighting is authorized by Fish Street Store.  We are the Northern Europe Distirbutor as Norway Denmark Sweden Finland, welcome wholesale

Advance 360 Degree Auto Detect LED Moonlight
Price$59.95excl. TAX
Sale$45.48excl. TAX
You Save$14.47 (24%)
Average Rating4.5(4)
Aqua Knight Nano LED A029 V2
Price$107.00excl. TAX
Sale$90.95excl. TAX
You Save$16.05 (15%)
Average Rating4.6(5)
  • 35W 
  • White Blue Royal Blue Purple 
  • 3 Channel (Manual)
  • Timer Function
Aquarium Blue Lunar Moonlighting  LED JY106
Price$48.15excl. TAX
Sale$32.10excl. TAX
You Save$16.05 (33%)
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  • Blue Moon  LED
Aquarium Lighting Bracket
Price$46.01excl. TAX
Sale$37.45excl. TAX
You Save$8.56 (19%)
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Aquarium Refugium LED System for Marine / Freshwater
Price$0.00excl. TAX
Average Rating4.63(8)
2 Different type of LED
Red / Blue Model 1
Model 2 for White
AS Tuna Blue Clone Matrix LED Lighting
Price$0.00excl. TAX
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Beamswork 3W EVO LED Lighting SPS Tank
Price$0.00excl. TAX
Average Rating4.8(5)
  • Timer Model
  • SPS Ready for 72W to 192W
  • World Lower Price
  • 12" 18" 24" "48" Inch 4 Model
Beamswork 3W High Power EVO Nano LED lighting
Price$39.05excl. TAX
Sale$34.77excl. TAX
You Save$4.28 (11%)
Average Rating4.92(13)
  • DC Safetly Power
  • Lens Kits with LED Blue 460nm for SPS
  • Adustable Arm to change lighting easy
Beamswork 3W x 16 LED Purple Blue Marine Lighting
Price$107.00excl. TAX
Average Rating4(1)
  • 6 Unit of Purple Blue LED 
  • 2200 Lumen
  • 95 Degree Lens

BeamsWork LED Lighting
Price$0.00excl. TAX
Average Rating4.6(5)
Coral Box Aqua Nano LED
Price$90.95excl. TAX
Sale$80.25excl. TAX
You Save$10.70 (12%)
Average Rating4.6(5)
  • 27W 
  • White Blue Royal Blue Purple 
  • 2 Channel (Manual)
Coral Box Bee LED Lighting
Price$0.00excl. TAX
Average Rating4.75(4)
  • 90W LED Lighting
  • For 16Inch to 48Inch Tank 
  • 1 Controller for 4 Unit of the Lighting to save money
Coral Box Easy Pump Lighting Dimming Timer Controller
Price$32.10excl. TAX
Sale$21.40excl. TAX
You Save$10.70 (33%)
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  • Lighting / Pump Dimming Controller