Protein Skimmer
Protein skimmers are one of the most important devices you can use to maintain water quality in a saltwater aquarium. Protein skimming removes organic pollutants before they break down into nitrates and phosphates. The improved water quality is beneficial to fish and corals and may reduce the frequency in which water changes are necessary.

Protein skimmers are available in a few different styles: units that sit in a sump, units that sit outside of a sump and those which hang on the back or rim of the aquarium. Some skimmers, such as the AquaNaut can sit in the sump or next to it. We recommend purchasing the best protein skimmer possibleâ??within your budget, of courseâ??as the higher-end units generally maintain higher water quality.
Protein Skimmer
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Bubble Magus
Bubble Magus QQ1 Protein Skimmer
Price7,899.01 руб.excl. TAX
Sale7,146.73 руб.excl. TAX
You Save752.29 руб. (10%)
Average Rating4.75(8)
Bubble Magus Curve A5 Protein Skimmer
Price16,550.31 руб.excl. TAX
Sale15,797.27 руб.excl. TAX
You Save753.04 руб. (5%)
Average Rating4.95(37)
  • Rock Pump 2000
  • 500Litres or below
Bubble Magus Curve A8 Protein Skimmer
Price30,091.48 руб.excl. TAX
Sale22,568.61 руб.excl. TAX
You Save7,522.87 руб. (25%)
Average Rating4.81(16)

Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer
Price15,045.74 руб.excl. TAX
Sale14,293.45 руб.excl. TAX
You Save752.29 руб. (5%)
Average Rating5(1)
  • Rock Pump 2000
  • 500Litres or below
Bubble Magus Curve 7 Protein Skimmer
Price21,064.03 руб.excl. TAX
Sale18,054.89 руб.excl. TAX
You Save3,009.15 руб. (14%)
Average Rating5(2)
  • Rock Pump 2000
  • 700L to 900L Tank
Bubble Magus Curve 5 Curve 7 Pump Upgrade Kits
Price0.00 руб.excl. TAX
Average RatingRate it!(0)
  • Coral box DCA1200/2000 Pump
  • Sensor Function
Mesh PF4 Enkamat Skimmer Enhancement
Price752.29 руб.excl. TAX
Sale451.37 руб.excl. TAX
You Save300.91 руб. (40%)
Average RatingRate it!(0)
ATMAN PH2500 Pump (Needle Wheel)
Price5,642.15 руб.excl. TAX
Sale5,266.01 руб.excl. TAX
You Save376.14 руб. (7%)
Average Rating4.86(7)
  • 2500Litres
  • Needle Wheel Skimmer Use Pump
ATMAN PH2500 Pump (Water Pump)
Price5,266.01 руб.excl. TAX
Sale4,889.86 руб.excl. TAX
You Save376.14 руб. (7%)
Average Rating5(1)
  • 2500Litres
  • For Water Return Pump or Sump Use
AquaBee 2000/I Replacement Pump
Price11,284.30 руб.excl. TAX
Sale7,522.87 руб.excl. TAX
You Save3,761.43 руб. (33%)
Average RatingRate it!(0)
  • Aquabee 2000 I Pump
  • Replacement for damage pump for BM Skimmer
Nano Skimmer
Coral Box S150 Protein Skimmer
Price6,394.44 руб.excl. TAX
Sale4,513.72 руб.excl. TAX
You Save1,880.72 руб. (29%)
Average Rating4.85(13)
  • 50Litres to 120Litres
  • Silent Kits include
  • Micro bubble reducer include
Dymax IQ5 Nano Protein Skimmer
Price2,708.23 руб.excl. TAX
Sale1,993.56 руб.excl. TAX
You Save714.67 руб. (26%)
Average Rating4(1)
  • 26cm x 3.5cm 
  • Nano Design for Nano Tank or Internal Use
  • Air Wooden Skimmer
Nano Air Wooden Protein Skimmer
Price1,880.72 руб.excl. TAX
Sale1,466.96 руб.excl. TAX
You Save413.76 руб. (22%)
Average Rating4.57(7)
Turbo + Oil Free Surface Skimmer
Price593.55 руб.excl. TAX
Sale474.69 руб.excl. TAX
You Save118.86 руб. (20%)
Average RatingRate it!(0)