Special Filter
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Special Filter
Coral Box External PR80 Biopellets Carbon Reactor Filter
Pris$77.50excl. TAX
Sale$67.50excl. TAX
Du sparer$10.00 (13%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering5(3)
  • External Reactor 
  • For Biopellets Zeolite Carbon GFO
Coral Box BR60 Rim Bracket Reactor
Pris$47.50excl. TAX
Sale$42.00excl. TAX
Du sparer$5.50 (12%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering4.75(8)
  • Bracket Mount hold on the Tank
  • All in one design, small flow rate
Coral Box Portable 125Gallons 3Stage RO Reverse Osmosis System
Pris$100.00excl. TAX
Sale$80.00excl. TAX
Du sparer$20.00 (20%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering4.56(9)
  • 3 Stage System
  • 125 Gallons for Fast Output Water
  • Portable to Change Area or remove 
  • All in One Design, no need connection

NP BioPellets Filter Media
Pris$25.00excl. TAX
Sale$22.50excl. TAX
Du sparer$2.50 (10%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering4.82(11)
  • Nitrate and Phospate Reduction
Mini Filter X BioPellets Reactor
Pris$45.50excl. TAX
Sale$35.50excl. TAX
Du sparer$10.00 (22%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering4.72(18)
  • Most Nano Size
  • Upper Cover make biopellets easy to roatation
Mini Filter 150 BioPellets Reactor
Pris$142.50excl. TAX
Sale$122.50excl. TAX
Du sparer$20.00 (14%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering4.86(7)
  • Up to 2.5Litres
  • Control Valve to adjustable Water Output
Mini Filter 70-X BioPellets Reactor
Pris$56.50excl. TAX
Sale$52.50excl. TAX
Du sparer$4.00 (7%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering4.69(26)
Coral Box Mini Filter 80X BioPellets Reactor
Pris$75.00excl. TAX
Sale$65.00excl. TAX
Du sparer$10.00 (13%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering5(7)
Accessories Parts:
  • 110V to 240V voltage
  • For Max 1.3 Litres BioPellets
Marco Aqua Biopellet Reactor NP-200 External
Pris$120.00excl. TAX
Sale$90.00excl. TAX
Du sparer$30.00 (25%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangeringRanger dette produktet!(0)
  • External BioPellet Reactor
ATS Algae Turf Scrubber Filter System
Pris$0.00excl. TAX
Gjennomsnittlig rangeringRanger dette produktet!(0)
  • Nano ATS System
  • Easy to Operation
Easy Brine Shrimp Incubator A001
Pris$25.00excl. TAX
Sale$17.50excl. TAX
Du sparer$7.50 (30%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangeringRanger dette produktet!(0)
  • Shrimp Breeder Producer 
Fish Street Zeolite Reactor Z1
Pris$100.00excl. TAX
Sale$90.00excl. TAX
Du sparer$10.00 (10%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangeringRanger dette produktet!(0)
  • Big Zeolite for 500Litres or Below
  • For 1Litres zeolite rock
FSZ Zeolite Magnet Floating Reactor
Pris$0.00excl. TAX
Gjennomsnittlig rangering4.81(31)
  • Zeovit Reactor like KZ Reactor
  • Magnet Floating Base
  • Provides 2 Different size for Storage
Hang On ATS Algae Turf Scrubber ATS80
Pris$130.00excl. TAX
Sale$110.00excl. TAX
Du sparer$20.00 (15%)
Gjennomsnittlig rangering5(1)
Hang On LED ATS system