LED Lighting
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LED Lighting
Weipro LED Lighting LED-C
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 Maxspect LED Aquarium Lighting (220V-240V)
Hinta$0.00excl. TAX

Maxspect LED Lighting is authorized by Fish Street Store.  We are the Northern Europe Distirbutor as Norway Denmark Sweden Finland, welcome wholesale

BeamsWork LED Lighting
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Beamswork 3W EVO LED Lighting SPS Tank
Hinta$0.00excl. TAX
  • Timer Model
  • SPS Ready for 72W to 192W
  • World Lower Price
  • 12" 18" 24" "48" Inch 4 Model
CoralBox M1 LED Aquarium Lighting
Hinta$0.00excl. TAX
  • One of World's Thinnest LED
  • Cree XP Technology LED
  • Spring to Winter and Custom Mode
  • Dimming 1 to 100% for 4 Channel
Resun DIY Rack TL LED Lighting
Hinta$0.00excl. TAX
  • DIY LED Lighting
  • Red / Blue / White
  • Dimming Function
Resun DIY Rack LED Chips
Hinta$0.00excl. TAX
Aquarium Refugium LED System for Marine / Freshwater
Hinta$0.00excl. TAX
2 Different type of LED
Red / Blue Model 1
Model 2 for White
Coral Box Moon LED Plus Lighting
Hinta$0.00excl. TAX
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  • WiFi Function
  • 6 Channel 10 Color LED Chips
  • 59W Total, 20% more output for Cree 5W more
  • 18 Unit LED Chips